December 1, 2006


well. this is our blog. hopefully it will be a useful tool in communicating with folks at home while we are gone. i have been reading a few other blogs of peace corps volunteers and this seems to be the most popular and easiest way of communication. Most likely Annie and i will both be using this blog address, but I also may set up seperate ones if it turns out we have the resources to update the pages often. if that is the case i will post links on this blog to the others.

as far as when we leave. we are required to be in DC on teh 12th of february for orientation of some sort. and we fly to Tegucigalpa on the 14th of February. Should be exciting. Hopefully there will be a few other water and sanitation engineers at my level of spanish (very limited), and i can pick the lengua up quickly. I have a feeling that initially spanish is going to be a major barrier for me.

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