October 22, 2007


We´ve found avocados of every size and shape here (who knew that the Mexican avocado wasn´t the only kind??). Below is a pic of me at the dinner table with toasted flour tortillas and avocado (I also love to eat them plain with salt). The really tiny avocado only had about two spoonfuls in each half and the big one was too big to eat at once.

I´m also including a pic of Luke sucking ¨chupando¨an orange. The oranges here (surprise!) are actually yellowish green and absolutely delicious. They have a thick shell so I buy them from a lady who uses this metal thing to peel the rind. You then cut the orange in half and suck out the pulp and juice. (Take note of the hanging shelves in the background that Luke built for our books!)


Dorianne said...

Those chairs below the shelves look pretty homey! Good reading chairs... Toasted tortillas all by themselves sound really yummy, but with avocadoes and salsa (it looks like?) I bet that's just delish! Where do you get your tortillas from, or do you make them?

Anonymous said...

Annie,I can't wait for you to make Honduran food for us when you are home! The house looks so nice with the shelves and chairs! Can't wait to see it in person.