January 16, 2008

A new year

It’s been awhile since we blogged (I realize that phrase has opened quite of few of our latest blogs) so I apologize to people who check the blog often and are disappointed to see nothing new!
We went to the US for vacation over Christmas and New Years and had a wonderful time. It was great to see family, friends, and eat lots of good food! Luke and I both thought that after being out of the country for nearly a year, it would be strange to return. We anticipated some “reverse” culture shock but were happy to find out that it wasn’t too shocking. We did notice lots of things (some good, some bad) that before were easily overlooked such as: hot water from all faucets (bathroom, kitchen, bathtub, shower, washing machine, dishwasher), water fountains in public places, road signs and drivers obeying them, grocery stores full of choices, BIG houses and cars, no catcalls (yeah!) and on and on.

Things we enjoyed most while home: spending time with family and friends and meeting a new niece, inhaling deep breaths of cold winter air, sledding (at one point we had four people and a dog on a not very big toboggan), food, drink, football games on TV, hot showers, a bed to sleep in (yes, we’re still sleeping on mattresses on the floor), snow, driving a car, good dairy products, hunting, laying in front of the fireplace (on carpet!)… I’m sure there is much more to that list but those things stuck out to us.

Work has been slow since we got back because both our counterparts on our vacation until February. We’ve had a few other things to organize and take care of work-wise to give us something to do every few days but mostly we’ve been catching up on reading, gardening, and hanging out.

Anyway, hope all our readers spent a nice holiday season with family and/or friends. Happy 2008!


Erin said...


I am so glad that you had a great time in Iowa! I am sure it was so great to be at home again. Christmas here was nice and Mexico was great- I hope returning to Honduras felt good and I hope you have lots of projects lined up for when work picks up! I promise an email SOON! Lots of love, Erin

Sarah said...

Hi Annie (and Luke),
I'm enjoying reading through your blog posts--hadn't realized that you were chronicling your adventures in Honduras. One of my friends just returned from her PC service in Nicaragua and it's interesting to compare your stories. Oh, and there are some great books on your reading list! I'll have to check out the ones I don't know yet. Enjoy your second year there! --Sarah DK