May 8, 2008

Tito el gatito

Our cat - Tito


Laura Schlesselman said...

Oh you got a cat!!! Hopefully someday he'll become friends with Mercedes and Fernando!

Anonymous said...

How cute!!! I am sure he is loving having a nice home and food and lots of love! That is a great name! Take care! Miss you!!

love, erin

Baby Jansen said...

Why am I not surprised Laura's excited about the cat? :) I lovethe pictures and hope you are doing well!

love, Erin (and Harrison, who is snoring away on my lap)

Anonymous said...

Anica saw your kitty and she liked it. She wants to see you and Luke. I told her it won't be long now! Anica is helping me "sew" with her sewing cards. Do you remember playing with those when you were little? Jean/Mom