October 7, 2008

Weekly market trip (minus the cat)

After I went to the market last week, I decided to take a picture of what I bought. Tito, our cat, decided to get in the picture as well. There are three grapefruits in the back - citrus fruit is in season now and very delicious. Luke loves popcorn so when I remember, I'll pick up a couple bags (front right) when I go to the market. Corn harvest began in August and continues...in the back left you see small corns called "jilotes" here. In the US, we usually only see them canned. We really like them in soups and stirfry. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for everything but below the pic is a pretty accurate estimate (remember L19 = $1):

Grapefruit = L3 each
Jilote = L15
Red onion = L 15
2 lbs tomato = L 14
Head broccoli = L12
Carrots = L10
Popcorn = L10 per bag
Flour tortillas = L 10
Cucumber = L 3
Zucchini/squash = L5


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! Tito has such big ears- Ruby was the same way! What have you been cooking these days?? Whatever it is, I am sure it is yummy!
Miss you!
love, erin

Josh Showalter said...

Tito has gotten big! I can't believe it was less than a year ago I saw him. Hope everything is well.

Anonymous said...

The food looks delicious! We can't wait to be there and taste for ourselves! See you this weekend.
Jean and Steve

Anonymous said...

Oh my.....the ears on that gato are something else!!! At least he's not morbidly obese like my Fernando :-) Hope all is well, looking forward to you guys coming home!!!