July 30, 2007


Hello everyone!

A week ago last Saturday we went on a really nice hike near Danlí. A family friend of our host family’s who was always over at there house when we were living there knew we liked to hike so he came over one and invited us on a hike Saturday morning. Luke was the one who answered the door so he didn’t get all the info like who all was going, where we were going, etc. but we decided to go anyway. Turned out to be pretty fun. Ended up being our host family’s friend (Carlan), four of his middle-aged guy friends, two ten-year-olds and a Japanese volunteer who is living with Carlan’s parents, and Luke and I. We drove for about 35 minutes on a dirt road out of Danlí and ended up hiking for about 4 hours through one of Carlan’s friend’s private property that is still really well forested. The guy who owns the property definitely had to be with us because we weren’t walking on any well worn trails. We walked through dense jungle, moving over and under logs, pushing vines and branches out of the way, etc. We didn’t make it to the top of the mountain we were headed to due to lack of time but we did get some good exercise and got to see wild monkeys! We started hearing their growl/howl soon into our hike but didn’t actually see any until we got pretty deep into the jungle. We saw them from below as they were high up in the trees but one of the guys had binoculars. They made some really cool sounds and were pretty big (about the size of a 10-year-old kid). We also saw a small waterfall and returned to Danlí in the afternoon around 2. Here are a few pics. I´ve got more from the hike but don´t have time today to wait for them to download but I´ll post them soon.

Getting ready to head out of town

A close-up pic of coffee beans. Coffee won´t be ready to pick until Nov/Dec.

On the hike we stopped by to look at a field of red beans.

A neat pic Luke took of the landscape.


Moose said...


In the neat landscape picture, is that CORN?

Annie said...

Yes, that is corn on the hillside there.

Josh Showalter said...

Wow that looks awsome!

Anonymous said...

corn beans and pickup trucks... just like home eh

Erin said...


Those are great pics! It certainly looks like the adventure never stops! What an awesome hike! I love seeing all that you are doing and seeing!

love, erin