April 15, 2008

First a turtle, then some ducks, now a kitten

Some people have already heard that we had to give the ducks away. It was sort of sad to see them go but they wouldn´t stop eating my garden and escaping the PCS. We gave them to our friend who owns property in the mountains just outside Danli. He took Gladys and Melvin to his dad´s house up there and according to him, they´re happily wandering around up there.

So now we have a...kitten. On Sunday afternoon I was washing clothes at the pila when I heard very loud meowing. I went to the porton and opened it and sitting literally right outside our porton was a tiny little kitten who was extremely frightened. I yelled for Luke to come outside and we quickly made the decision to let it in our ¨compound¨ because it was over a 100 degrees outside and the poor thing was all by itself and can´t be more than 4-5 weeks old. Luke asked around on our street to see, just in case, if anyone had lost a kitten and no one had. The story Don Juan (the neighbor who sits outside his house all day and evening selling chips and candy) told us was that a ¨loca¨ (crazy woman) was walking down our street, throwing a kitten in the air. Not sure if I completely believe that or not but in any case, the kitten needed rescuing. Don Juan proceeded to tell Luke how lucky the kitten was to have been meowing outside our house!

After Luke gave me a quick lecture about how I couldn´t get too attached to the kitten because he didn´t want to bring a cat back to the States when we finish our PC service, he constructed a little house for it out of an old box from a package my mom had sent last year and put in off the ground a little bit and under a plastic chair so it can´t get wet when it rains.

The kitten is not allowed inside (we both agreed on that) and is doing well. I am taking it to the vet tomorrow to see what, if any, shots it needs and of course, de-wormer. I haven´t taken a picture yet but will be sure to do that soon and post it.

Any ideas for names for the kitten? We´ve toyed with: Shakina Francis (the name of a beauty salon near our house - what a name!), Francis, and Herbert. We´re not feeling very creative so any suggestions are welcome!


Anonymous said...

How sweet! How about "Lola"? For some reason I think that is a cute name. You could always borrow "Ruby", as I am sure that she wouldn't mind sharing! Miss you guys! Email when you can!

lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Do you know if it is a boy or girl?
No inside your house, we will see how long that lasts.... and soon you will be "cat people" :)
I know your soft spot for animals. I like the Shakina name.

Miss you!