April 19, 2008

Scenes from Honduras

Hello everyone! Not a whole lot of updates in the way of work or life but I wanted to get a blog up anyhow so I decided to post some good pics from Honduras that we’ve accumulated thus far. I tried not to repeat any others that we have already blogged!

Lake Yojoa in west/central part of Honduras, surrounded by two national parks

Pineapple field

waterfall near lake Yojoa

woman in Copan Ruinas balancing goods on her head

Macaw birds

Tegucigalpa, from the roof of the hotel PC puts us up in for medical reasons

A milkman in Santa Rosa de Copan

Street in Danli

Lots of different fruits!

Sunset in Danli

Sunset in Santa Lucia

Hydrangea in the Santa Lucia park

church in Comayagua

Drying a fresh harvest of coffee beans

Foot bridge to an aldea near Danli

Cows resting near a home

Countryside near Danli

The Honduran license plate that says ¨take care of the forests¨

orange tree (yes, they´re green but very orange inside!)


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! Are you guys entering in the rainy season or is that in the fall? Spring is in bloom here and things are starting to get really green and pretty! Miss you!

love, erin

Anonymous said...

Lila is now trying new foods - fruits etc... it would be great to have the beautiful fresh selection in one of the pictures! Jason put the picture of the waterfall on our computer.

Miss you!


Mel said...

great pics. funny story a medical student swore that we painted our oranges orange when he saw those green ones....just to show you don't have to be smart to be in medical school ;)

Angela VH said...

Hi Luke & Annie! LOVE the waterfall picture--I SO want to bathe in it naked and flip my hair dramatically, ha! ;) I'm sure that's next on your list, right--I'll look for the next posting. Be safe. Love Ang

Josh Showalter said...

Annie, and Luke

These pictures are beautiful. I can't wait to come down and hang out with you!