January 3, 2007

Job titles??

I have tried to update the blog a little. The photo at left is a picture of Annie and I in the Rawah wilderness just west of Ft. Collins this summer.
I realized that not everyone who checks this blog may be up to date on what exactly we are going to be doing in Honduras, this is most likely because we don't really know either, but we do have job titles. They are as follows:

Luke - Water and Sanitation Engineer

Annie - HIV/AIDS and Health Educator (it is also my impression that she will be dealing with some womens reproductive health issues as well as child survival)

My brother Levi was nice enough to point out that sanitation engineer is just a churched up term for garbage man.

So we have job titles, which may or may not give some indication of what we will be doing.

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Hillary said...

Noticed the link to your blog on my sisters. This post made me laugh. I am so impressed with the two of you and look forward to checking in every now and then to see how you are doing!