May 4, 2007

Dengue Fever

Hey everyone. Thanks for checking the blog. We had some time today in the PC office in Teguc so there are 2 more new blogs below this one including pictures from swearing in and from Danli.
I officially have Dengue Fever which is a virus that is transmitted by mosquitos. I think I contracted it about 8 days ago before we left for Siguatepeque from Sabanagrande. I started feeling pretty shitty and tired in Siguatepeque, and while we were in Danli I was waking up in the middle of the night completely soaked in sweat, it pretty much felt like I had a high fever all the time and there was a lot of body aching and my eyeballs hurt really bad and I had a headache. I started feeling better Sunday and so i decided I was getting over whatever i had, but on Monday all of the symptoms came back and i felt terrible again. I got tested for dengue yesterday and that is what I have got so annie and i are staying in Teguc tonight as i had some more tests today and maybe more tommorow if things don't start to look like they are healing. I do feel substanitially better today than I have for the last week. I got a rash yesterday that is supposed to be a sign of the end to the fever.....wahoo. Somehow I also ended up with a bacterial infection in my intestines as well, so everything i have eaten since monday has just exited the system as fast as possible.

Ok i better get going.
make sure to scroll down and see the other 2 blogs from today.


Moose said...


I'm so sorry, hopefully this is the end of the fever and you will start to feel better SOON!!

saleh1109 said...

Congratulation for your official volunteers, and I am sorry Luke,,hopefully you will start to feel better soon.
Saleh Alsagoor.

Josh said...

I hope you’re feeling better, and getting settled into your host family’s house.

Take care