May 20, 2007

Mango Festival in Yuscaran

Yesterday (Saturday) Luke and I took a quick trip to Yuscaran (about halfway between Tegus and Danli then south about 10 miles) for their annual mango festival. We also met the lone PCV there and hung out with a few other PCVs that came for the festival too. We came back today (Sunday) but had a nice time getting out of our ¨room¨ in our host family´s house and hanging out with some fellow volunteers.

A pictue of Yuscaran from the ¨mirador¨(lookout). You can see the fires burning in the background. In this case, it was due to local farmers clearning the land and not a forest fire.

A big Ceiba tree at the lookout followed by Luke with other volunteers by the tree and me standing in front of it.

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Josh said...

Wow i wounder how old that tree is? Its Huge