May 17, 2007


Oh, I love mangos! I bought a mango once in the States but I didn´t know how to cut it up (the seed is tricky) so I ended up butchering it and throwing it away because I´d made such a mess. Now I can´t get enough of them. The season ends towards the end of this month so I´m taking full advantage of the bounty. Yesterday I went to go buy mangos from this lady in town who I´ve gone to a couple times before and I asked her (after buying 6) if I could take a picture to show my friends and family back home all the mangos. She didn´t mind. I told her that a mango this size in the US would cost around 27 lempira ($1.50) and I had just bought 6 mangos for 20 lemps ($1)! She thought that was hilarious and as I was leaving, I could hear her turn to her friend and say, ¨Guess what a mango in the US costs?¨. Anyway, below is the picture of the mangos and the truck she sells them out of.

The ones I buy are the bigger ones towards the cab of the truck that are more green and red.


Josh said...

Those look like some good Mangos!!

Nick said...

Dude thats sick. Are you kidding me? Mangos 6 for a Dollar? Thats just irresponsible. That soes not give the mango justice.