May 4, 2007

It's official! We're volunteers!...and Luke has Dengue fever

Yesterday we spent the day in Tegucigalpa for our swearing-in ceremony at the US Embassy. The PC country director and the US abassador spoke. Afterwards, we ate lunch there and then went to the ambassador's residence to swim/play tennis/play basketball. It was a fun day. We were supposed to go back to Danli today but Luke's sick (he's getting over dengue fever and also has a bacterial infection) so the PC docs want us to stay overnight so they can monitor him. Hopefully we'll be off to Danli tomorrow to move in with our host family and start work on Monday!
Below are some pics from the swearing-in ceremony. Be sure to scroll down and check out some pics from Danli that I just posted after you look at these.
Lunch after swearing-in at US Embassy
Luke and I are now officially PC volunteers!
Our entire Hondu 10 training group
The four married couples


Josh said...

Annie and Luke,
It sounds as though the ceremony and the after party was fun. I hope Luke gets to feeling better, though what he has sounds scary! It looks very nice there sunny and warm! Last night a bunch of my friends, moose, and me went camping at the reservoir. So Moose loved his life last night… We stayed at a campsite back in the woods and there was no one around for like probably a couple of hundred yards so I felt good about letting moose run. And it helped that there was a creek like 25 yards away from our campsite. He behaved very well and hung out with us by the campfire all night. Well I better be going I have my college calculus test on wed and I’m attempting to study. I hope Luke gets to feeling better and keep us posted

Love Josh

Kyle said...

Congrats! Sorry to hear about the dengue.

take care,

Kyle & Crystal