February 12, 2007

and they're off!!

Well we have left for Honduras. More accurately DC and then Honduras, and by left I mean we are currently sitting in Cedar Rapids and will be here for a "delayed" period of time. We received a call last night at 1 in the morning saying our 7 am flight was cancelled and we were placed on a 9:49 flight instead. Upon arrival we were informed the 9:49 flight was "delayed". It is 9:15 right now and there is no plane outside. We will also miss our flight from Chicago to DC, but luckily there is another one heading out that will get us there at 3:55, so I think if we can get to our hotel by midight tonight the day will be a success. Hopefully the only thing we will miss at orientation is the awkward "get to know each other" games I am sure new volunteers have to partake in the first afternoon.

It is nice to be on the road, we will miss everyone, and if we didn't get to say a formal "see ya later"...see ya later, It was good to spend a little time in Iowa, and the cold weather we will look back on fondly I am sure.

stay tuned I may have plenty of down time to "blog" today....our plane still isn't here and it is starting to snow.


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Melissa said...

I hate delays sounds like your taking it all in stride....good work chugging annie.