February 28, 2007


Luke sleeping in hammock at our house on Sat. afternoon

Watching the sun set from the lookout point in SL

Scroll down to see first blog from today!!

Also, I keep forgetting to mention that if you click on the pics that we upload, you should be able to look at them larger and be able to zoom, etc.


Erin said...

Luke and Annie-
Those are beautiful pictures! One of them almost reminds me of the sundset over Horsetooth! I am sure it will be fun to travel to other pueblos and see what other volunteers are doing!

Take good care!
lots of love, erin :) baby vega says "hola!"

Moose said...

Luke and Annie:

I'm doing fine. I just wanted to let you know that I caught a rabbit!! It was a BIG one. I was filling pretty proud of myself until Josh told me the only reason I caught it was because I cornered him in the fence. Oh well, I still got him. Now every time they let me out, I run to that corner of the yard looking for another rabbit. I decided NOT to eat it and just left it in the yard, but I still like to sniff it ever time I go out. The weather has been terrible. It is rainy/icy and I'm having trouble keeping clean but Josh still lets me sleep in bed with him!!

I love looking at your pictures. Your new host puppy looks like a fluff dog!!

Missing you both.

joshshow said...

Luke and Annie,
It looks as though Luke found an excellent spot to rest! I can’t believe that you two have been there the better part of two weeks now; it seems like yesterday you just left (well maybe to me,) but maybe not to you. Anyways it sounds as though you two are keeping active with lots of different stuff. I hope you have a harmless bus ride to the coast, as well as a good “vacation!” As Always you’re in my thoughts and prayers

P.S. The whole time I was writing this, I was petting moose and every time I would stop for two seconds to type, he would freak out, and start crying!