February 14, 2007


So, during staging yesterday they actually recommended we get a dog while in Honduras to help combat loneliness and for safety issues....hmmm.....

We had to say good-bye to Moose on Monday morning when we left for the airport and wow, that was hard. I'm so happy my mom/brother are taking care of him while we're gone because he seems really happy there. He's got a giant fenced back yard and people to pet him so he'll be just fine. It's Luke and I that I worry about! Anyway, we said our good-byes to him and tried not to cry in front of him because we didn't want to worry him about what was going on. Anyway, as Luke and I both got into the car teary-eyed to head to the airport, we backed out of the drive way and looked at the house and sure enough he had run to the window that faces the road and was sitting there, with his long sad face, watching us as we drove off. A very sad moment for sure! Luke swears that Moose knew what he was doing and was trying to pull a guilt-trip on us. Either way, we'll miss that dog for sure! We already heard that he went sledding yesterday (Tues) with my brother Josh since school had been canceled due to the snow and when I talked to my mom last night, he was too exhuasted to even get up on the couch to sleep. Sounds like he'll be just fine!

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Erin said...

Oh! How triste...he will miss you guys for sure, but atleast he is in good hands! It must have been really sad to drive away- Hey, if you get a dog in Honduras he can be bilingual! :)