February 20, 2007

hola y como esta

The title is about the extent of my spanish at this point, but it should be improving shortly. Annie and I are in the internet cafe waiting to meet a few other volunteers for a beer. Training is going well and they are doing a good job of scaring us all into safe habits. Tommorow I have my first language interview and they will decide what level i am at and who i need to be learning with. Annie also has a language interview tommorow and has done a technical interview where we talk with the Peace Corps folks about skills and what we think we are capable of. I have my tech interview tommorow as well.

So far living with a host family has been odd, nothing weird happens, but it is something i was not prepared for...We like our regular family in the states so much why would we want a temporary one for a month? (and then seperate ones for another month followed by another week with our current host family and then three months living together with another host family at our chosen site) But it is a part of the process i guess and we will attempt to make the best of it. The párt of the day that is hardest for me is coming home after training to our "house" nothing is familiar at this point and it makes the day mentally exhausting to never have a place that feels familiar. It will get better and more familiar with time and effort.

I feel like i have been hit by a brick shithouse of culture and language, but i am a sanitation volunteer and PC will teach me and others to build shithouses and i will try to rebuild the one that crashed into me and stand by it with a smile.

training during the day is really good, the other volunteers seem to be good, interesting people and that makes the days go fast. today we played basketball on one of the tiny Honduran courts over lunch and I am going to request placement in a community with one of these tiny courts with 9 ft rims.

we have to go, they only give us $2.70 per day and these cafes cost about $1 an hour.

we love you all


Jean said...

Luke, the 9ft hoop is a great idea, mainly for those days when you need to feel better about yourself. You may not be able to speak the lingo but you sure can dunk a ball! ....Making your mother prouder each day!! Glad the PC are putting fear in you and that your being fed - sounds like the food is good. I bet it is hard to not have your own place. We forget how use to our surrondings we become and take our homes for granted. Thanks for letting us know you arrived/survived the bus ride. We love you!

Dorianne said...

Try not to let any literal shithouses crash into you! I'm sure the host family thing is tough, especially cause you're used to being able to unwind with Annie. Give her a hug and click your heels, and maybe you'll temporarily return to Kansas (or Iowa)... is that how that goes?
Jarod will get a kick out of your blog! Can't wait to read more- Dory

Simon said...

Luke, the host family will be tough for a time, but one day you will come home from training/work, sit back, put your feet up, relax, and listen a while to your family going on about whatever... then it will dawn upon you that you are comfortable and you understand some Spanish and it really is a little like home and that you are now a somewhat adapted multi-cultural wizard of some kind and it will be a truly exhilarating head rush like you have never felt before. YOU WILL LOVE IT BUDDY.

Moose said...


Grandpa B had herina surgery this morning. Everything went well and they were on their way home from IC by Noon. It is suppose to get in the 50's today so Mom let me out in the yard at Noon and left me there. She brought out my special blanket and my water. Hopefully I'll stay out of trouble. She said that she would come home around 2:00 to check on me. I know what you mean about unable to feel like you are at
"HOME". I keep thinking that you will come and get me. I still go check up in your bedroom once in a while to get a sniff of you both, but I'm doing okay. Josh went to DM today to see a couple of his friends wrestle at the State tournament. Then Mom is going with three friends tonight to the Iowa game. They play Prudue. That is why she decided to let me spend some time this afternoon in the back yard. Mom is doing good about talking me on about 45 minute walks but probably won't have time tonight.

I hope you don't get to attached to the puppy and forget about me.


Don and Vicky said...

Thinking of you both so much! We enjoy your updates that keep us informed.

Don and Vicky

joshshow said...

Luke, it sounds as though you are having a tough time getting along, but it can only get better! I’ve been thinking of you and Annie every day. You are doing something great that is going to help out a lot of people that are greatly in need. I know it will get easier on you, and Annie, and I wish you the best of luck adjusting!
Love, Josh