March 7, 2007

Cool and rainy here

It’s blogging time again. Hope you all got a chance to read Luke’s most recent blog before this one – interesting stuff about the water sources for the town of Santa Lucia.

It’s been chilly here for the past few days. Highs in the mid-60s and rainy/foggy. I can’t seem to get warm. Luckily our showers are hot or else I think I’d be miserable. Apparently there was some flooding on the north coast but hopefully nothing that will impede our trip up there to visit the married couple PCVs on Thursday morning.

We had a good weekend, nothing too exciting. On Friday we met with other volunteers for a few beers and on Saturday we went to the town soccer game. It was a pretty intense game as the winners play in the final this coming Sunday which Luke and I are going to miss! And my host brother plays in it! Anyway, because it was so intense and because the one team had one off-sides penalty and one penalty for knocking down the goalie (both penalties occurred on points scored which were then taken away) several fights broke out which included some fans. We all got off our seats to watch the fight in the corner of the field and one PC trainee looked at another and said, “Hey, isn’t that your host dad fighting down there!?”. Sure enough, someone’s host dad was in the middle of the fighting. Ha. No injuries as far as I could tell.

Luckily this weekend we didn’t have to do our laundry. The lady that washes clothes for our host family washed Luke’s and I’s as well and we paid her 25 Lempiras which is a like $1.25. Totally worth it. Although may I remind you that our daily salary is 55 Lempiras each so we have to be careful about how we spend money and lately we’ve been spending it on buying bread from one of the PC trainee’s host mom who runs a bakery out of her house and makes delicious garlic, wheat, whole-grain, cheese, sweet cheese, carrot, cinnamon/raisin and banana breads. Twice a week, after training, Luke and I stop by her house and pick up piping hot fresh bread. Yum.

So I don’t understand it but apparently it’s summer here now even though Honduras is north of the Equator. They call their summer from January to May, then winter is from June to September when it’s rainy season and then from October to December it’s hurricane season which is apparently still winter.

We’ll be sure to blog soon after we get back from our trip to the coast and hope to have some good pictures to post. Take care everyone!


joshshow said...

Luke and Annie, sorry I haven’t had much time to send you any kind of message recently, but as I’m sure you heard we made it to the state tourney, along with IMS. I’m glad they made it there too because a lot of my friends are on their team. On another note I will be officially attending The University of Iowa State next fall. I’ve paid my first 300 dollars for my housing/dormitory contract. I requested to live with my friend Justin Harland who along with my will be going into some kind of engineering. I’m really excited about moving on and into college.
It sounds as though you guys are learning a lot, and having some amazing bread! (ha-ha) I hope your trip goes well, and as always my thoughts and prayers.

Jean said...

The bread sounds delicious as well as all the foods you are eating! It is interesting to read what you are doing and I liked Mary Jay's comments on simplicity! Very funny!

Dorianne said...

Can you learn how to make those breads, too?! Have a fun a safe trip this weekend- hope you get some sunshine and gain lots of valuable insight from the couple.

Erin said...

Hey guys!
I hope you are having a great weekend away and that the weather has cleared up- I have heard that the coast is beautiful! All of the water info sounds interesting and sounds like you are eating well! Take care and can't wait to hear about your weekend!

love, Erin and baby boy Vega