March 31, 2007

Catholic Church in La Paz Typical street in La Paz This is a picture of me about an hour up the mountain from La Paz in an aldea called Tepanguare. We went there on Friday to learn how the health centers in the aldeas work with mothers to make sure their children are not malnourished. Every month the mothers are supposed to show up to a meeting to have their babies weighed. If the kids drop below a certain weight, the nurse will go to the family's home for some counseling on nutrition and general hygiene. This is an example of the chart that the mother brings each time she comes to weigh her baby. You can see the blue line is between the two black lines so this baby has maintaned a healthy weight since birth.
Weighing a baby in TepanguareTrying to figure out how this whole weight monitoring thing works
A random picture of a gallo and a gallina in the aldea up the mountain
Instead of having Spanish classes, me and two others who are in the advanced class have to work in the community. Below is a picture of us giving a charla (presentation) Friday afternoon on general hygiene, cleanliness, and diarhea to a group of mothers at a kindergarten. The kids of these mothers have been recognized as at risk for malnutrition.

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Erin said...

Hey annie-
I wonder if Roman's and my baby will look like the one being weighed! Ha! Those are great pics! You are doing a great thing for those women!

lots of love, erin and baby vega