April 1, 2007

Weekend pics

Here are some pictures from this last weekend. Yesterday I blogged with pictures from training so be sure to scroll down to see those as well.

Luke & I cooling off from the hot sun with a ¨paleta¨ on Saturday afternoon. We´re eating the fresh frozen fruit ones. They also have them in chocolate and pineapple. They cost about 15 US cents.
Luke and I eating the ¨plato típico¨on Sat. night in La Paz. The plato típico includes: beans, cheese, eggs or meat (Luke has a pork skewer on his plate, I have eggs), a fried plátano (plantain), tortillas and chismol (pico de gallo salsa). Very tasty and only costs about $1.85 per plate! We´re drinking Canada Dry with Flor de Caña Rum (only $5 for a big bottle of rum).
A cool old door to someone´s house in La Paz
The market in La Paz


Anonymous said...

nice smile luke. there sure are a lot of aqua walls in honduras.

Dorianne said...

Looks like you had a nice weekend, like being on vacation:) It seems like they have lots of frozen treats there, and in all sorts of flavors. Yum.
You guys are cute!

sally said...

Wish we could join you! I had a popsicle yesterday... so it's like we were sharing the same experience? Right? Miss you!


joshshow said...

Wow you two, I’m so impressed with everything you do!!! keep it up and keep us posted

Jean said...

The market looks so beautiful and the food at the resturant looks very good. So glad you were able to spend the weekend together and thanks for the great pics!