April 19, 2007

And more pics...

For whatever reason, I haven´t really felt like blogging lately. Maybe it´s because I am getting a bit tired of training and don´t really have anything new to add but I felt like I should put something up so our family and friends continue to check the blog. We find out our site on Monday afternoon which will be very exciting. I am sure the day will go by extremely slow until they tell us.

So anyway, here are some more pics from Luke and I´s first cockfight experience. This took place about 3 weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon in La Paz. It was quite the spectacle and I was happy that we could only stay for a bit as Luke had to catch the bus back to his training site. I left out the bloody pics and the guy in the ring who puts the rooster´s head into his mouth to clean his air passages (if you can imagine a guy with rooster blood all around his mouth, you can imagine the picture). At the fight (under a thatched roof) were pretty much only men and it smelled of beer, cigarettes, sweat (it was really hot), and blood. Not exactly the most pleasant place to be on a Sunday afternoon but nonetheless an interesting cultural experience. Something I didn´t know they do is sew blades onto the rooster´s legs which helps them take down their opponent because they naturally fight with their legs anyway.

This pic is of the scale used to weigh the roosters.

Two roosters mid-fight.


joshshow said...
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joshshow said...

Hello Luke and Annie! Hey sorry I’ve been lacking on the blogging recently I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff, anyways some great pictures! I can't even imagine how they sew blades on rooster’s legs… sounds gruesome. I’m excited to hear about where you will be living for the next two years and where I’ll be coming next summer! I also found it very interesting about the mud/brick stove, interesting because I just read the Death of Ben Linder and they talk about that some... its fascinating stuff!! Well anyways today was one of Moose’s first encounters with a lawn mower and after a while he didn't mind it, in fact he love to stand in the way and let the grass hit him so naturally from his knees down he’s green (I found this extremely funny,) but don't worry I'll give him a bath tomorrow. Mom also took him to the vet yesterday and he has lost two pounds (and the vet said he could stand to loose some more haha) He also has a hair cut apt. at the vet in about a week, he’s so saggy! Well anyways keep us posted and I will try to do a better job of blogging. Love you both Josh

Dorianne said...

I don't think I could have stomached that myself, but sounds like you're taking advantage of all of the cultural opportunities available!;) This is probably a stupid question, but why do they do cockfighting? Is it just for entertainment, or is there a historical significance to it, or...?
How many hours til they tell you where you're going? Are you counting down?! I'm sure you're just bursting to know! That's how I am about our ultrasound, but we have one more week, so I'm trying to pretend I'm not cause it's still awhile!

love you guys!

Erin said...

Wow- interesting. Are those fights illegal in some places? Do people bet a lot of money on them? What does the winner get? Very interesting- those cultural events are hard to appreciate here in the US, but they are very cultural nonetheless and have a place in the society there.

How exciting that you find out your site! I am sure your training has been intense, but it seems that you two are learning a lot and time is going fast!! I am sure you are also ready to live together again and eventually have your own space!

Keep sending us all of your cultural tidbits-they are great!

Cuidense mucho!!

love, erin and baby Vega