April 15, 2007

Garden planting

We´ve been posting lots of pictures lately which seems to help people get a better idea of the work we´re doing and get a mental picture of what it looks like here. Thanks to everyone who continues to read our blog and comment, we appreciate it! Knowing that people are keeping up with us will make it much easier when we come home because we won´t have to explain, starting from square zero, what we´ve been doing for the last two years! So thanks again. Be sure to scroll down and look at the last couple entries which included pictures as well.
On the same day that my health group built the stove, we planted a garden for a family among coffee plants and banana trees on the side of the mountain. It was such a beautiful spot! In the picture below we´ve already tilled the land (by hand) and are planting the seeds. I´m the dork with the sun hat on in the background.

The garden has been planted. We put sticks around the outside and the family said they would put up the wire fence to keep critters out.
After we finished the garden, the family invited us for coffee (from fresh coffee beans from their farm) and bananas. Below you see a bunch of bananas that were sitting by their house. They pick the bunches off the trees, hang them, and in about 8 days they will be ripe.


Moose said...

I was just wondering what you planted in their garden? Do they have to water it because of the heat?

It looks like you did a good job. Hopefully it will grow.


Annie said...

Hey mom, thought I would comment back. Yes, the family will have to water the garden especially now because it is the hottest, dryest time of the year. We planted onion, carrots, cabbage, and other veggies.

Aunt Lora said...

Hi Annie and Luke, Just checking in and enjoying your stories. It looks and sounds like you are both doing well.