March 28, 2007

Field Based Training continues

hello everyone, I apologize that the blog entries are getting more scarce. The days are pretty full and are going by faster than I expected. We have spent the last week working on a latrine project, and today i and 4 other volunteers built an improved stove for a lady in the campo. it has been good to spend the days outside, the improved stove is a good thing for people to have it reduces smoke in the house and burns more efficiently. some PAM (protected areas management) volunteers came to show us how to make them. we have also been putting two latrines in at a kindergarden nearby, and yes digging latrines sucks as bad as it sounds. especially in the dry clay soils here in the south. So now all the wat-san volunteers know how to build both the stoves and the latrines and when we are sent to our sites we will know how to start projects in these areas if we find a need for it in our communities. And if you ever wondered how long it takes 16 gringos to dig 2 latrines the answer is 4 days.......

what else...... the family stay is going well, my family turned a whole hog into chorizo (ground spiced pork) this afternoon, i miss the whole process, i come home for lunch and there is a carcass hanging in the back yard and when i get home it is cooked and in 5 pound bags. Spanish is progressing poco a poco (little by little) i am now at the point where i can get myself out of the stupid places i get into, but i still can{t hold an intelligent conversation........poco a poco.

oh and people don{t forget to email me (can{t find the at symbol on the computer, nor the apostrophe) i may not respomd due to time constraints but i like to here what is going on with folks at home.

Hasta Luego,

PS: Scroll down to read Annie´s entry on beliefs that many Hondurans have about pregnancy and babies.

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